Donati Hoists

During the last two decades Clayton have supplied hundreds of Donati hoists and end carriages, motor drive units on their overhead cranes, jib cranes and runway beam systems.

We can supply spares and replacement hoists for all the equipment we have supplied to industries. These can be identified and referenced easily by quoting the Clayton unique reference numbers.

We can also supply Donati lifting equipment to suit your current lifting requirements.

The equipment range includes:

DRH Wire rope hoists

– 800 Kg to 50,000 Kg SWL

– M3 to M6 Duty range

DMK Chain hoists

– 125 Kg to 4000 Kg SWL

– 2M (M5) Duty

DGT Wheel blocks

– SWL range 1000 Kg to 40,000 Kg

Manual/electric jib cranes

– 125 Kg – 10,000 Kg SWL

– Radius up to 10M – standard range

– Column & wall mounted types