Crane Kits

We supply SWF crane kits to both trade crane builders and end users. The standard kit range is for up to 80t SWL with spans up to 31 metres with our Nova range hoist.

Crane kits include everything accept the main bridge girders. Available in single girder and double girder bridge configurations.

We can supply GA drawings and box girder requirements


Standard content can include:

1  Hoist power supply with flat cable
2  Hoist power supply with energy chain
3  Control pendant with EMERGENCY-STOP
4  Radio remote control including transmitter and receiver
5  Backup pendant
6  Electric hoist
7  Hoist power supply towing arm
8  Trolley and crane travelling limit switches
9  Trolley end stop assembly
10  LED load display
11  Bridge panel
12  Crane lights for bridge
13  Crane power supply towing arm
14  Flashing light
15  Horn
16  End carriages
17  Crane travelling machine

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